Dusty, Slim - My Pal Alcohol

Label: Columbia, Australia.
Year: Not stated. Believed to be 1965.
Disc diam: 7 inch, 45 rpm, Vinyl, Mono EP.

Disc Condition
Scratches: Several very light. See listening report.
Scuffs: Numerous light surface scuffs.
Vinyl Appearance. Shiny.
Cue Scuffing: None.
Warping: None.
Spindle Hole: Very light wear.
Labels: Clean with about 12 short light spindle marks on each label.

Subjective Listening Report
Audible Scratches or Scuffs on My System: Short sequence of clicks during "Whiskey Blues".
Mis-tracks: None.
Dust / Surface Noise: Constant light crackle.
Subjective Fidelity: Fair.

Cover type and condition
Light card picture cover with tiny split in bottom, wear and generally in good condition.

A1 - My Pal Alcohol (1961)
A2 - The Pub Rock (1959)
B1 - Sequel to the Pub With No Beer (1958)
B2 - Whiskey Blues (1960)

  • Cat.# SEGO-70082
  • Total Weight: 75 grams