Barker, Ronnie -Ronnie Barker's Unbroken British Record

Label: K-tel
Year: 1978
Disc: 12 inch, 33 rpm, Vinyl LP.

Disc Condition
Visible scratches / marks: 2 small light scuffs on side 1 and 1 small light scuff on side 2.
Discoloration: None. Vinyl shiny.
Warping: None
Spindle hole: Very light wear
Label: Clean except for several spindle marks on each side.

Sleeve Condition
Front Rubbing / Ring wear: Faint ring wear and rubbing with small hole puched through towards bottom left (see photo).
Spine and Bottom: Slight wear
Corners: Minor bumping
Splits, Creases or Folds: Small crease top right.
Printed Inner Sleeve, Poster or Booklet: None

1. The Irish Medley:
- I'll Have A Drink With You
- Thump Thump
- It Pays To Listen
2. Plain Speaking
3. The Redskins Annual Dinner
4. The Vicar Of St Cain And Abel
5. The Chelsea Pensioners Medley:
- Madeleine/Daisy
- Katie
- Ivy
- Mary
- Phyllis Hooter's Ball
- Dolly Gray

1. The Scottish Medley:
- Amazing Grace
- The Ball Of Kirriemuir
- McTourism
- The Yiddish Soldier
2. They Tell Me There's A Lot Of It About
3. Not Round Here
4. Pismonunciation
5. The Welsh Medley:
- All Through The Night
- A Girl Called Megan
- The Gogogoff Eisteddofod

  • Cat.# NE 1029
  • Total Weight: 200 grams