The Lord Of The Rings - 1978

Year: 1978
Conductor, Composed By – Leonard Rosenman
Directed By – Ralph Bakshi
Producer – Leonard Rosenman, Saul Zaentz
Label: Fantasy, made in Australia
12 inch, 33 1/3 rpm, Stereo LP.

Disc Condition
Scratches: Light scratch on "The Dawn Battle" and "The Voyage To Mordor". See listening report.
Scuffs: A few very small extremely light surface scuffs.
Vinyl Appearance. Shiny.
Cue Scuffing: None.
Warping: None.
Spindle Hole: Very light wear.
Labels: Clean with a small number of short light spindle marks around the spindle hole on each label.

Subjective Listening Report (Side 4)
Audible Scratches or Scuffs on My System: Clicks came and went during "The Voyage To Mordor", especially the quiet passages.
Mis-tracks: None.
Surface Noise: Light.
Subjective Fidelity: Very good plus.

Cover Condition
Front Rubbing / Ring Wear: Light ring wear (see photo).
Spine and Bottom: Light crushing of spine and some wear to bottom.
Corners: Bottom right badly bumped.
Splits, Creases or Folds: A few small creases along spine.
Inserts or Other Embellishments: Gatefold double album.

A1 - Theme From Lord Of The Rings - 2:53
A2 - The History Of The Ring - 6:32
A3 - The Journey Begins; Encounter With The Ringwraiths - 4:33
A4 - Riders Of Rohan - 3:45

B1 - Escape To Rivendell - 6:22
B2 - Mines Of Moria - 6:11
B3 - The Battles In The Mines; The Balrog - 5:11

C1 - Mithrandir - 3:20
C2 - Gandalf Remembers - 2:22
C3 - Frodo Disappears - 2:38
C4 - Following The Orcs - 3:16
C5 - Attack Of The Orcs - 4:04

D1 - Helm's Deep - 7:02
D2 - The Dawn Battle; Theoden's Victory - 4:59
D3 - The Voyage To Mordor; Theme From The Lord Of The Rings - 4:45

  • Cat.# L-70,116
  • Total Weight: 400 grams